Commit 4f78e432 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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libtsxx [WP]: let TimeSeriesCollection be a vector

This allows random access.
parent 05385dc9
......@@ -39,18 +39,21 @@
namespace ts {
/*! \brief A class template for a list of time series with SFF header.
* A TimeSeriesCollection is a vector of ts::TimeSeries with some additional
* member functions.
* \param T value type of series container
template<typename T>
class TimeSeriesCollection:
public std::list<TimeSeries<aff::Series<T>, ::sff::WID2> >
public std::vector<TimeSeries<aff::Series<T>, ::sff::WID2> >
/*! \name Type definitions.
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