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......@@ -31,10 +31,10 @@
/*! \mainpage
\copyright Copyright (c) 2013 by Thomas Forbriger (BFO Schiltach)
\copyright Copyright (c) 2013, 2014, 2019 by Thomas Forbriger (BFO Schiltach)
\author Thomas Forbriger
\since January 2014
\date January 2014
\date April 2019
\section main_aims Aims
\subsection main_sub_purpose Purpose
......@@ -67,17 +67,40 @@ which basically are typedefs referring to the STL list container. File input
for these objects is supported for reading from libdatrwxx input streams.
\subsection main_sub_interfaces Interfaces
\par \c tsioxx.h:
Main interface to the library, loads all modules.
\par \c traceheader.h:
Definition of ts::sff::TraceHeader
\par \c sfftimeseries.h:
ts::sff::SFFTimeSeries class template
Definition of ts::sff::SFFTimeSeries class template
This essentially is a ts::TimeSeries with ts::sff::TraceHeader
\par \c fileheader.h:
Definition of ts::sff::FileHeader
\par \c tracevector.h:
Definition of ts::sff::TraceVector class template
\par \c sfftsfile.h:
ts::sff::File class template
\par \c inputoperators.h, \c outputoperators.h:
input and output operators for ts::sff::SFFTimeSeries and ts::sff::File
\par \c SFFoutputoperators.h:
deprecated output operators to SFF files (still provided for backward
Definition of ts::sff::File class template
to store contents of a complete time series data file
\par \c sfftsfileread.h:
Definition of read member function for ts::sff::File
\par \c inputoperators.h:
libdatrwxx input operators for ts::sff::TraceHeader, ts::sff::FileHeader,
and ts::sff::File
\par \c outputoperators.h:
libdatrwxx output operators for objects of libtsioxx
\par \c operators.h:
Load input and output operators
\par \c cmdlinefiles.h:
ts::sff::SFile and ts::sff::DFile and reading functions
definition of classes ts::sff::SFile and ts::sff::DFile to store time
series data in single and double precision, respectively.
Definition of typedef for ts::sff::TSFileList and ts::sff::TDFileList
which are STL lists of ts::sff::SFile and ts::sff::DFile, respectively.
Declaration of ts::sff::readSSFF (returns single precision ts::sff::SFile)
or ts::sff::readDSFF (returns double precision ts::sff::DFile) reading
functions. They read an entire set of files and return data in appropriate
objects. Data selection is supported by command line parameters being
assembled in modules from namespace tfxx::cmdline as provided in
\section main_sub_usage Usage example
\subsection main_subsub_usage_input Reading files
......@@ -145,6 +168,14 @@ int main(int iargc, char* argv[])
\section main_history History
\subsection main_history_20190402 code reorganization
\date 02/04/2019
Compilation units are reorganized, providing smaller granularity.
The previous version as logically inconsistent and incorrect.
\subsection main_history_20140130 before 30/01/2014
\date 30/01/2014
These modules previously were implemented in libtsxx and libtfxx.
They produced a mutual dependency between both libraries which was
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