Commit 531c1eb5 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger

[DOC] (whatscooking): close #6, open #7

parent 62d9f30a
this is <issue6_lisousi_catch_zero_offset.txt>
issue #6: lisousi: catch zero offset
catch unreasonable parameters
lisousi should catch cases in which the source to receiver offset vanishes
----- END OF issue6_lisousi_catch_zero_offset.txt -----
this is <issue7_refract_catch_zero_offset.txt>
refract: catch zero offset with power-law scaling
Refract offers a power-law amplitude scaling. This must fail in cases where
one of the traces is located at zero offset. In such cases the entire plot
fails, which can confuse users not aware of this side-effect. Catching such
situations by a proper warning or error message might be helpful.
----- END OF issue7_refract_catch_zero_offset.txt -----
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