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[DOC] (stf_issue12): explain test case 3 as a toy example

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......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ clean:
.PHONY: soutifuclean
-/bin/rm -vf soutifu* *.sff *.su
-/bin/rm -vf soutifu* *.sff *.su *
# ======================================================================
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ and varying the value of NOISEAMP.
Using the toy examples
The above mentioned test cases can well be used as toy examples to study the
effect of processing parameters. Just call
......@@ -123,5 +124,23 @@ The deterioration becomes stronger with increasing waterlevel:
make soutifuclean soutifu1_add_report.pdp NOISEAMP=5.e-5 \
Test case 3 uses slightly different wave propagation for the synthetics
compared to the simulated observations. This way it is impossible to reproduce
all recordings with one single correction filter. Without offset dependent
scaling the near-source traces dominate the misfit, such that the correction
filter will be adjusted to reproduce the near-offset traces:
make soutifuclean soutifu3x_report.pdp STFPER=0.04
This will be the desired result in most cases of practical relevance.
An extreme increase of weight with offset can be used adjust the fit to the
trace with the largest offset:
make soutifuclean soutifu3x_report.pdp STFPER=0.04 SOUTIFU3EXP=40.
An intermediate value for the exp-parameter will produce a kind of compromise:
make soutifuclean soutifu3x_report.pdp STFPER=0.04 SOUTIFU3EXP=2.5
----- END OF README.soutifu -----
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