Commit 6d7adcf9 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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libpsdxx [FIX]: apply FFT to padded series

parent bd910cab
......@@ -301,9 +301,9 @@ namespace psd {
if (cpsd_flag) { hanning_taper.apply(series2); }
// compute FFT
Tfft::Tspectrum coeff1=fft(series1, dt);
Tfft::Tspectrum coeff1=fft(paddedseries1, dt);
Tfft::Tspectrum coeff2;
if (cpsd_flag) { coeff2=fft(series2, dt); }
if (cpsd_flag) { coeff2=fft(paddedseries2, dt); }
// allocate space for results
if (isegment==0)
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