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[WP] (issue7): record considerations regaring possible solutions

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......@@ -8,4 +8,24 @@ one of the traces is located at zero offset. In such cases the entire plot
fails, which can confuse users not aware of this side-effect. Catching such
situations by a proper warning or error message might be helpful.
Options to handle the problem:
- output warning and abort
- output warning only
- forced adjustment of scaling factor for near-offset traces to an upper limit
given as a multiple of the smallest scaling factor
- elimination of near-offset traces from set of traces to be plot
- refer to second nearest offset trace
Scaling involves the following functions:
- refract_mpc.f provides subroutine mpcfactors
- refract_settracevp.f provides function settracevp
Scaling is done by adjusting the viewport for each trace individually, not by
multiplication of the samples with the mpc factors. For this reason for any
exponent (except exponent being exactly zero) a division by zero takes place
for zero-offset traces.
The exepction might by just by chance. How is zero to the power of zero
----- END OF issue7_refract_catch_zero_offset.txt -----
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