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[OPEN] (issue23): libdatrwxx fails with EDL data

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this is <issue23-libdatrwxx-fails-with-edl-data.txt>
libdatrwxx fails with EDL data
## Statement of the problem
This is a follow-up of issue #21
libdatrwxx fails when reading MiniSEED-data from EarthData loggers:
RECORD #1073
Exception report:
message: ERROR (reading MiniSEED record): cannot find first blockette
triggered in "mseed/" at line #133
by violation of condition:
"(Mrecordheader.fblock < block.bytesize())"
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'datrw::Exception'
## Identification of culprit
The culprit in this case is record no. 1073 in KB.TMO57.00.HHZ.D.2011.275
More precisely the problem occurs when reading beyond record no. 1072.
After extracting the respective records:
dd if=KB.TMO57.00.HHZ.D.2011.275 of=day275.rec1072.mseed ibs=4096 obs=4096 skip=1071 count=1
dd if=KB.TMO57.00.HHZ.D.2011.275 of=day275.rec1073.mseed ibs=4096 obs=4096 skip=1072 count=1
dd if=KB.TMO57.00.HHZ.D.2011.275 of=day275.rec1074.mseed ibs=4096 obs=4096 skip=1073 count=1
dd if=KB.TMO57.00.HHZ.D.2011.275 of=day275.rec1072-1074.mseed ibs=4096 obs=4096 skip=1071 count=3
> mseedtest -reader day275.rec1073.mseed
## Helpful commands
### differences to correctly working version
gitk 431a15af..a6a475c0 -- src/libs/libdatrwxx/mseed
### display binary data
od -A x -t x1z filename
----- END OF issue23-libdatrwxx-fails-with-edl-data.txt -----
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