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prepare branch for any to matlab alpha version

This is a legacy commit from before 2015-03-01.
It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.

SVN Path:
SVN Revision: 3101
SVN UUID:     67feda4a-a26e-11df-9d6e-31afc202ad0c
This is a legacy version of the repository. It may be incomplete as well as
inconsistent. See README.history for details. For the old stock of the
repository copyright and licence conditions apply as specified for versions
commited after 2015-03-01. Use recent versions as a base for new development.
The legacy version is only stored to keep a record of history.
this is <README.history>
history of the TFSoftware repository
Brief history
This software repository originally was meant for personal use (by Thomas
Forbriger) only. In 2010 it was made available to others in order to share the
code, bug fixes, and extensions (respository TFSoftware). Parts of the
repository were not yet tailored to be used by a team of developers.
Nevertheless others contributed to the contents, notably Daniel Armbruster.
As part of the project TOAST (Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography, software licensing and software installation support was
resolved for major parts of the code. In 2015 these parts of the repository
were published through the gitlab project Seitosh (Seismologists Tool Shed).
2000-02-09 Initial import to CVS/thof repository
tag: thof_initial_commit
Until 2000-02-09 the files were handled without software supported
source code management. Existing files then were taken under
revision control in a CVS (Concurrent Versions System) repository.
2002-12-06 Initial import to CVSaff
tag: libaff_initial_commit
The C++ array container library libaff first was developed
in a separate CVS respository. This seperate line of development
is no longer apparent in the repository. Both CVS repositories
where later merged into one subversion repository, placing all
commits to the CVS repositories in a single commit ancestry chain.
2010-08-08 Conversion to subversion
tag: cvs-svn_conversion
Source code management was moved to a subversion repository.
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 67feda4a-a26e-11df-9d6e-31afc202ad0c
The initial import was accomplished by application of the tool
cvs2svn as provided together with subversion. The import merged
parts of three CVS repositories into one subversion repository:
CVS/thof/src -> trunk/src
CVS/thof/scr -> trunk/scr
CVSaff/libaff -> trunk/libaff
The complete contents of the CVS repository CVS (which originally
contained CVS/thof/src and CVS/thof/scr) continue to exist in a
separate subversion repository, called TFtexte. Contents of
directories CVS/thof/src and CVS/thof/scr are discontinued in this
successive repository.
Revision numbers of milestone-commits in TFSoftware:
r1164 is the initial commit to CVSaff/libaff
r3069 is the youngest commit present in svnbuild/tfsoftware at
gpitrsvn i.e. the last commit to CVS/thof/src
r3070 moved libaff from the repositories root (where it was placed
by cvs2svn) to src/libs
Most of the imported branches and tags were later moved to old_tags
2014-01-01 Check-out with git-svn creating a gatekeeper repository
tag: git-svn_gatekeeper_clone
2014-01-02 Published git repository on gpitrsvn and gitserver at GPI
Code development primarily took place in several git repositories
which were kept synchronous. The subversion repository was kept
synchronous with them through the git-svn gatekeeper repository,
making bidirectional code transfer.
2015-03-01 Creation of git repository Seitosh (Seismologists Tool Shed)
tags: surgery_*
By a repository surgery (application of git filter-branch) larger
contents of the TFSoftware repository were discarded, leaving only
those relevant for publication. In particular third party source
code for which licensing was not properly resolved was removed from
the history. The files of libaff from the original CVS repository
were moved to their location in src/libs/libaff (thus altering the
original commits).
As a consequence of the operation commits in the legacy history may
be incomplete and inconsistent. Respective comments were added to
the commit messages as well as to the contents of each commit. The
old stock of the repository should be regarded as being provided
only for the purpose of documenting the source code history of
those programs still being present in the Seitosh repository.
Author and committer names (previously created by git-svn from the
login names in the subversion repository) were rewritten to their
full names.
Further all branch tips of the local repository as well as the
authoritative remote repository were tagged.
The resulting repository is called Seitosh (Seismologists Tool
Shed) and is published through a gitlab project of the same name
The rest of the contents of TFSoftware remain in its original
repository, being continued for private use.
----- END OF README.history -----
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