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libdatrwxx [FEATURE]: add additional SG056 channels to translation table

Apart from primarily recorded channels the UIPC system provides signals
derived by signal processing. The comprise down-sampled versions of the
primary gravity and pressure recordings as well as synthetic tides and
residuals with respect to synthetics and between sensorѕ.
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......@@ -33,11 +33,12 @@
* - 19/10/2012 V1.2 do not set NSP by default!
* - 10/01/2013 V1.3 add sensor data conversion codes for SG056
* extract full channel description on request
* - 01/04/2018 V1.4 add additional channels to translation table
* ============================================================================
#include <iomanip>
#include <datrwxx/error.h>
......@@ -57,6 +58,10 @@ namespace datrw {
* DDAS3_man_technical_ch5_UIPCsoftware_2010-07-16_BFO-Excerpt and
* Auxill_2.txt as compiled by Walter Zuern (Id: Auxill_2.txt 752
* 2013-01-09 12:07:01Z).
* Additional channels contain data derived by additional signal
* processing.
* Channel names are defined in chn_o056.cfg of the UIPC configuration.
const Channel translationtable[]={
{"BF:SG056:Grav-1", "BFO:GR1:SG056:Gra1", CNSP},
......@@ -124,6 +129,29 @@ namespace datrw {
{"BF:SG056:Vstd-1", "BFO:VS1:SG056:VST1", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:Vstd-2", "BFO:VS2:SG056:VST2", CNSP},
// ---------------------------------------------
// additional channels derived from primary recordings
// ---------------------------------------------
// gravity and barometric pressure sampled at 60s
// as found in F1??????.056 in directory FLT_o056
{"BF:SG056:G1-F60", "BFO:G16:SG056:G160", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:G2-F60", "BFO:G26:SG056:G260", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:Br1-F60", "BFO:B16:SG056:B160", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:Br2-F60", "BFO:B26:SG056:B260", CNSP},
// gravity and barometric pressure sampled at 10s
// as found in F5??????.056 in directory FLT_o056
{"BF:SG056:G1-F10", "BFO:G11:SG056:G110", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:G2-F10", "BFO:G21:SG056:G210", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:Br1-F10", "BFO:B11:SG056:B110", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:Br2-F10", "BFO:B21:SG056:B210", CNSP},
// residuals, synthetic tides, and drift polynomial
// as found in C???????.056 in directory CLC_o056
{"BF:SG056:G1-Resd", "BFO:G1R:SG056:G1Re", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:G2-Resd", "BFO:G2R:SG056:G2Re", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:G-Diff", "BFO:GRE:SG056:GRes", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:G-Calc", "BFO:GCA:SG056:GCal", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:G1-Poly", "BFO:G1P:SG056:G1Po", CNSP},
{"BF:SG056:G2-Poly", "BFO:G2P:SG056:G2Po", CNSP},
// ---------------------------------------------
}; // Channel translationtable[]
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