Commit 8b8d0fed authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger Committed by thomas.forbriger
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removed debugging output

This is a legacy commit from before 2015-03-01.
It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.

SVN Path:
SVN Revision: 1758
SVN UUID:     67feda4a-a26e-11df-9d6e-31afc202ad0c
parent 00dcc0e2
c this is <readanigemini.f>
c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
c ($Id: readanigemini.f,v 1.3 2005-06-16 12:56:23 tforb Exp $)
c ($Id: readanigemini.f,v 1.4 2005-06-16 12:57:47 tforb Exp $)
c Copyright (c) 2005 by Thomas Forbriger (BFO Schiltach)
......@@ -91,8 +91,8 @@ c S-velo-hori, Qmu, Qkappa, eta
read(lu,*) rb(i-1),rho(i,1),vpv(i,1),vph(i,1),vsv(i,1),vsh(i,1),
& qm(i),qk(i),eta(i,1)
write(88,*) rb(i-1),rho(i,1),vpv(i,1),vph(i,1),vsv(i,1),vsh(i,1),
& qm(i),qk(i),eta(i,1)
c write(88,*) rb(i-1),rho(i,1),vpv(i,1),vph(i,1),vsv(i,1),vsh(i,1),
c & qm(i),qk(i),eta(i,1)
if (qm(i).le.0.) then !
qm(i) = 0. !
......@@ -104,10 +104,10 @@ c S-velo-hori, Qmu, Qkappa, eta
do j = 2, nco(i) ! polynomal coefficients
read(lu,*) rho(i,j),vpv(i,j),vph(i,j),vsv(i,j),vsh(i,j),eta(i,j)
write(88,*) rho(i,j),vpv(i,j),vph(i,j),vsv(i,j),vsh(i,j),eta(i,j)
c write(88,*) rho(i,j),vpv(i,j),vph(i,j),vsv(i,j),vsh(i,j),eta(i,j)
c write(88,'(1x)')
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