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issue25 [WP]: two tasks are completed

- new format modifiers support control of mseed consistency checks
- error reports are made more user-friendly
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......@@ -3,20 +3,7 @@ this is <issue25-libdatrwxx-miniseed-consistency-checks.txt>
libdatrwxx: MiniSEED consistency checks
@yt6233 reports problems with content consistency of LED-written data. The
file uses less frames than announced in the Data Extension Blockette [1001].
The library should provide better means (through format modifiers) to users to
control the effect of consistency checks.
As a reminder:
- rework exception and warning messages to be comprehensible to users
- mention check ID in message from consistency check
- give proper reference to format modifiers which might help to overcome a
- let exepction objects store a string value in order to be able to compile
more complicated strings
- allow compilation of message strings in macros
- give a meaningful introduction to exception reports
- check application of time correction before finishing this issue
time correction is not part of this issue, however Chad Trabant has made a
respective note in libmseed - I like to make sure that libdatrwxx does it
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