Commit 96cf5173 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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grepg [WP]: introduce variables to set world coordinate boundaries

parent 02805753
......@@ -115,7 +115,8 @@ c V2.41 03/11/11 resolved a fatal error when addressing the data array
c for scaling gabor matrix values
c V2.42 06/02/17 support colored dispersion curve on white
c background (implemented in grepg_dopicks.f)
c V2.43 11/12/19 reorganize usage information
c V2.43 11/12/19 - reorganize usage information
c - introduce boundaries for world coordinates
program grepg
......@@ -179,7 +180,7 @@ c cursor routine
real pickdx
c commandline
integer maxopt, lastarg, iargc
character*3 optid(maxopt)
character*200 optarg(maxopt)
logical optset(maxopt), opthasarg(maxopt)
......@@ -198,6 +199,8 @@ c commandline
real phaseshift,grayify, rgb_red, rgb_green, rgb_blue
real rgbb_red, rgbb_green, rgbb_blue, maxilim
real par_wedgeheight, wedgewidth
c boundary values for world coordinates
real xlbound, xubound, ylbound, yubound
integer setlinewidth, avglength, npolytrend, npolymode
character*200 gmtxyzfile, pickfile, titlestring, subtitlestring
character*200 xlabelstring, ylabelstring, wedgestring, phasestring
......@@ -221,16 +224,16 @@ c here are the keys to our commandline options
& '-R','-P','-L','-S','-m','-G','-H','-F','-v','-N','-T','-W',
& '-X','-Y','-n','-A','-M','-C','-B','-a','-O','-f','-t','-Q',
& '-K','-b','-x','-y','-h','-e','-E','-Fc','-Ah','-Ta','-FC',
& '-Fl','-Pr','-Ww','-ff', '-st'/
& '-Fl','-Pr','-Ww','-ff', '-st', '-Xb', '-Yb'/
data opthasarg/.TRUE.,2*.FALSE.,.TRUE.,.FALSE.,.TRUE.,.FALSE.,.TRUE.,
& .FALSE.,2*.TRUE.,.false./
& .FALSE.,2*.TRUE.,.false.,2*.true./
data optarg/'x11',2*'-','1.,1.','-','2.5','-','1',7*'-','0.',
& 'xyz.out','1.',2*'-','5.,4.','title','-','xlabel','ylabel',
& '-1.','amplitude','0.','-','phase ()','0.,10.','20,10,2','9',
& '6,1','-','4.,0.3','3',2*'0.,0.,0.','-','0.','-','0.,0.,0.,1',
& '1.','NSP','5','4','-','3.','nil','-'/
& '1.','NSP','5','4','-','3.','nil','-','0.,1.e20','0.,1.e20'/
c give basic information
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