Commit 9a9e5b85 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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croposp [WP]: support scaling of background noise level in tests

parent 75436f07
......@@ -209,11 +209,11 @@ cpsd4mod.bin: cpsd4raw.bin
printf "fac $(CPSD_AMP4)\nhpb 100.0,2\nend\n" \
| tidofi -type bin -Type bin -v -o -cs $@ $<
cpsdbgmod.bin: cpsdbgraw.bin
printf "fac $(CPSD_AMPBG)\nlpb 2.,4\navg 0\nhp 200.,2\nend\n" \
printf "fac $(CPSD_AMPBG)\nlpb 2.,4\navg 0\nhpb 200.,2\nend\n" \
| tidofi -type bin -Type bin -v -o -cs $@ $<
# add common noise signal to channel specific noise floor
cpsd%addraw.bin: cpsd%mod.bin cpsdbgraw.bin
cpsd%addraw.bin: cpsd%mod.bin cpsdbgmod.bin
teseco -v -o -a -type bin -Type bin $@ $^
# modify sensor response
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