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issue24 [OPEN]: revise MiniSEED format specification

parent 14a5f96f
this is <issue24-libdatrwxx-miniseed-format-specification.txt>
libdatrwxx: MiniSEED format specification
Give a proper account of MiniSEED format specifications, which the library
relies on. Tell which exceptions are known and which exceptions are handled by
the library.
Possibly rework the reading module, such that becomes flexible and conforms to
the format definition more closely. Consider the read full binary records from
the files and to present them to different decoding units.
II-data for the iSTS1 is written in
encoding format: IEEE double precision floating point (5)
Consider to implement this.
----- END OF issue24-libdatrwxx-miniseed-format-specification.txt -----
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