Commit aa464c4f authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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croposp [WP]: introduce differences in sampling raster in test case

parent ae88d904
......@@ -54,11 +54,17 @@ cpsd%add.bin: cpsd%mod.bin cpsdbgraw.bin
# set header fields to reasonable time an channel identifiers
cpsd%hd.bin: cpsd%add.bin
sehefixx $< $@ -verbose -overwrite -itype bin -otype bin \
-st $(CPSD_DATE) -ss TST -sa XX -sc BHZ \
-si SYN$(patsubst cpsd%hd.bin,%,$@)
CPSD_HDOPTS=-verbose -overwrite -itype bin -otype bin -ss TST -sa XX -sc BHZ
cpsd1hd.bin: cpsd1add.bin
sehefixx $< $@ $(CPSD_HDOPTS) -st $(CPSD_DATE1) -si SYN1
cpsd2hd.bin: cpsd2add.bin
sehefixx $< $@ $(CPSD_HDOPTS) -st $(CPSD_DATE2) -si SYN2
cpsd3hd.bin: cpsd3add.bin
sehefixx $< $@ $(CPSD_HDOPTS) -st $(CPSD_DATE3) -si SYN3
# extract inconsistent time windows
CPSD_TOPT1=-samplesf 3 -samplesl 7
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