Commit b4a1c065 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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libpsdxx [WP]: fix IntervalSeries container

pass interval value correctly to base class
derived class does not require its own field interval
parent 1126cae0
......@@ -104,14 +104,15 @@ namespace psd {
//! series
Tseries& data;
//! sampling interval (seconds for time series, Hz for spectral data)
double interval;
//! default constructor
IntervalSeries(): data(Tbase::Mdata), interval(0) { }
IntervalSeries(): data(Tbase::Mdata) { }
//! copy constructor
IntervalSeries(const IntervalSeries& s):
data(Tbase::Mdata), interval(s.interval) { Tbase::Mdata=s.Mdata; }
data(Tbase::Mdata) {
//! copy operator
IntervalSeries& operator=(const IntervalSeries& s)
......@@ -164,8 +165,8 @@ namespace psd {
void set_divisor(const unsigned int& n);
void set_padfactor(const unsigned int& n);
void set_overlap(const double& f);
void set_verbose(const bool& f);
void set_debug(const bool& f);
void set_verbose(const bool& f=true);
void set_debug(const bool& f=true);
unsigned int nsegments() const { return(Mnsegments); }
unsigned int divisor() const { return(Mdivisor); }
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