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......@@ -79,6 +79,71 @@ for these objects is supported for reading from libdatrwxx input streams.
\par \c cmdlinefiles.h:
ts::sff::SFile and ts::sff::DFile and reading functions
\section main_sub_usage Usage example
\subsection main_subsub_usage_input Reading files
When reading a complete set of files, we recommend to nevertheless implement
the loop over all files in the main program.
This allows for more flexibility handling different files differently (with
respect to file format for example) and comes at almost no overhead.
#include <tfxx/commandline.h>
#include <tsioxx/cmdlinefiles.h>
struct Options {
bool verbose;
std::string inputformat;
}; // struct Options
int main(int iargc, char* argv[])
// define commandline options
using namespace tfxx::cmdline;
static Declare options[]=
// 0: print help
// 1: verbose mode
// 2: default input file format
// define command line keys for input files
static const char tracekey[]="t";
static const char formatkey[]="f";
// define commandline argument modifier keys
static const char* cmdlinekeys[]={tracekey, formatkey, 0};
// collect options from commandline
Commandline cmdline(iargc, argv, options);
Options opt;
// extract commandline arguments
TFXX_assert(cmdline.extra(), "missing input file");
tfxx::cmdline::Tparsed arguments=parse_cmdline(cmdline, cmdlinekeys);
ts::sff::TDFileList input_file_list;
tfxx::cmdline::Tparsed::const_iterator file=arguments.begin();
while (file != arguments.end())
std::string format=opt.inputformat;
if (file->haskey(formatkey))
input_file_list.push_back(ts::sff::readDSFF(*file, opt.verbose,
tracekey, format));
} // main()
\section main_history History
These modules previously were implemented in libtsxx and libtfxx.
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