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[WP] (install): reorganize files in src

After abandoning the snapshot package mechanism, files in subdirectory src
have to be reorganized. Some of them are moved to directoty contrib in the
root of the repository.

In detail:
 - LICENSE.GPL  should live at the top level of the repository
 - GPLphrase    is required by a shell script gplphrase, which is not yet part
                of Seitosh; it better lives in contrib
 - Makefile.buildingblocks
                this is a collection of make rules useful to developers;
                it better lives in contrib
 - TFbashrc     is a template for users; it better lives in contrib
 - contrib/pgplot
                contains additional configuration files for PGPLOT
                it definitivly better lives in contrib
 - README.1st   was specifically written for snapshot packages and is obsolete
 - README.copying
                was specifically written for snapshot packages and is obsolete
 - README       was specifically written for TFSoftware and is obsolete
 - Makefile     was designed for the layout of subdirectory src, which is now
                abandoned; the file has become obsolete
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# this is <Makefile>
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# $Id: $
# Copyright (c) 2014 by Thomas Forbriger (BFO Schiltach)
# provide a rule to open vim with the appropriate file index
# 11/01/2014 V1.0 Thomas Forbriger
# ============================================================================
flist: $(filter-out %.bak,$(wildcard README* Makefile*)) \
TFbashrc GPLphrase LICENSE.GPL \
$(filter-out %.bak,$(wildcard pakete/README* pakete/Makefile*)) \
$(wildcard pakete/*.bashrc) $(wildcard pakete/*.sh *.sh) pakete/packagetest
echo $^ | tr ' ' '\n' | sort > $@
.PHONY: edit
edit: flist; vim $<
.PHONY: clean
clean: ;
-find . -name \*.bak | xargs --no-run-if-empty /bin/rm -v
-/bin/rm -vf flist
# ----- END OF Makefile -----
this is <README>
compiler language software
Source code from TFSoftware repository is distributed in two ways:
1. Distribution through snapshot packages being distributed at
These packages come together with README files and an shell
script which can be used to compile and install the software.
2. Distribution through the subversion repository.
The code respository is only accessible for registered users. See
for more information on how to obtain and install the code.
Within the repository you should check
trunk/src/TFbashrc is a template for your shell configuration.
trunk/src/pakete/README.compile is written for users of snapshot packages
but may also be interesting for repository users.
----- END OF README -----
this is <README.1st>
General guide for published packages
The package you received is a snapshot taken from the TFSoftware subversion
repository. It is a snapshot of the code currently in use by TFSoftware users
and developers. Currently only basic support is provided for external users.
The snapshots usually come together with a shell script called
which will take care for appropriate default settings and correct order of
execution. By default, contents will be added only to subdirectories of the
location of
For a first attempt just issue
at the command prompt of your shell.
If you like to integrate the code into your local environment, you have to
choose some environment settings. For this advanced installation some guidance
is given below and in other README files. Please feel free to get into contact
with Thomas Forbriger (see below) if you have additional questions.
If you find this code useful for your purpose I would appreciate to receive a
note from you. If you feel able to provide bug fixes or improvements and
extensions to the code, please to not hesitate to send a patch. I will
consider to include it in the repository (with appropriate acknowledgements)
in order to make it available to other users.
Apart from the current file, the package usually should contain:
Package-specific files
Information concerning the package itself and the system on which
the package was built and tested. This shell script supports automatic installation of the packages.
It guesses the appropriate configuration and executes the
compilation and installation commands. It provides usage
information. Just execute to read more.
issue the make command, to compile and install the binary files
after environment variables have been set according to
Package specific configuration settings for
Makefile: The Makefiles in the source code subdirectories contain all
rules you need to compile the code. Information about the purpose
of the package, special considerations during installation and
dependencies to other packages are provided in README files or
are placed in the preamble of the Makefile.
Standard files (no package-specific content)
The file contains general and detailed information regarding
required libraries, compilers, and utilities and regarding
environment settings which are usually expected by the Makefile.
A description of the chain of dependencies (which library depends
on which other).
TFbashrc: This is a template for your shell configuration. All settings are
disabled by default. The file is read by nevertheless
Text of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. The preamble of each file
of source code contains information regarding the license and the
copyright which apply to the individual file.
Packages requiring the PGPLOT graphics library, contain this file.
It contains a summary of steps necessary to install PGPLOT.
If you experience any problem, please contact:
| Dr. Thomas Forbriger e-mail:
| Observatorium Schiltach (BFO), Heubach 206, D-77709 Wolfach, Germany,
| Geophysikalisches Institut, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
| Tel.: ++49 (0)7836/2151, Fax.: ++49 (0)7836/955240
----- END OF README.1st -----
this is <README.copying>
information regarding copyright and licensing
$Id: $
All published source code directories (published in form of snap-shot
tar-balls) contain a file named COPYING which contains specific copyright and
licensing information.
Information applicable to the entire TFSoftware repository is provided in
/texts/README.licence_and_copyright (based at the root of the repository).
----- END OF README.copying -----
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