Commit cf57d361 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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ref/tools/chopmod [FIX]: replace Hollerith constant, remove unused label

parent 70e2a886
......@@ -126,10 +126,10 @@ c commandline
character*40 optarg(maxopt)
logical optset(maxopt), opthasarg(maxopt)
c here are the keys to our commandline options
data optid/2h-d,2h-s,2h-r,2h-o,2h-S,2h-n,2h-f,2h-p,2h-N,'-t'/
data optid/'-d','-s','-r','-o','-S','-n','-f','-p','-N','-t'/
data opthasarg/.FALSE.,2*.TRUE.,.FALSE.,.TRUE.,.FALSE.,3*.TRUE.,
& .false./
data optarg/1h-,4h0.02,5h1000.,1h-,2h1.,1h-,2h0.,2h0.,2h-1,'-'/
data optarg/'-','0.02','1000.','-','1.','-','0.','0.','-1','-'/
print *,version
print *,'Usage: chopmod [-s stepsize] [-r minradius] [-o] [-f freq]'
......@@ -227,10 +227,12 @@ c----------------------------------------------------------------------
c read file
if (debug) print *,'DEBUG: filename ',filename(1:fin)
if (optani) then
if (debug) print *,'DEBUG: call gemini_getani'
call gemini_getani(filename, lu, maxsection, eta,
& rb, qm, qk, rho, alpha, alphah, beta, betah,
& nsection, iflso, nco, text)
if (debug) print *,'DEBUG: call gemini_getmod'
call gemini_getmod(filename, lu, maxsection,
& rb, qm, qk, rho, alpha, beta, nsection, iflso, nco, text)
......@@ -450,11 +452,12 @@ c
& 'No earth flattening approximation was applied!'
if (disperse) write(lu, 56, err=98) domper, nureforig
close(lu, err=97)
50 format(a10,6(1x,a10)/77(1h-))
51 format(f10.3,2(1x,f10.5),1x,f10.6,3(1x,f10.3))
52 format(a8,a8,2x,a)
53 format(18x,a)
c 53 format(18x,a)
54 format(a10,2(1x,f10.5),1x,f10.6,3(1x,f10.3))
55 format(/a30,i10/a30,f10.3,a30,f10.3/)
56 format(/'transformed velocities according to a simples constant-Q',
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