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croposp [WP]: base test case on new time series

parent 65934f52
...@@ -464,31 +464,34 @@ crosscompilation.pdf: $(addprefix cross,$(addsuffix psd.pdf,$(CPSD_SET))) ...@@ -464,31 +464,34 @@ crosscompilation.pdf: $(addprefix cross,$(addsuffix psd.pdf,$(CPSD_SET)))
# #
white1.seed: ;printf "%s\n" 686293391 > $@ white1.seed: ;printf "%s\n" 686293391 > $@
white2.seed: ;printf "%s\n" 448546898 > $@ white2.seed: ;printf "%s\n" 448546898 > $@
WHITEN=100 WHITE_N=10000
randomseries -v -o -t bin -rngtype $(RNGTYPE) -nseries 2 \
-nsamples $(WHITE_N) -dt $(CPSD_DT) -seed $(RNGSEED) \
-std 1. -mean 0. $@
white1.bin white2.bin: \ white1.bin white2.bin: \
%.bin: %.seed %.bin: whiterawseries.bin
/bin/bash -c 'export GSL_RNG_SEED=$$(cat $<); \ any2any --verb --over --itype bin --otype bin \
export GSL_RNG_TYPE=$(RNGTYPE); \ RAW$@ $< t:$(patsubst white%.bin,%,$@)
siggenx 14 RAW$@ -a 7.07 -v -o -d $(CPSD_DT) -T $(WHITEN) -ot bin; \
echo seed: $$GSL_RNG_SEED > $(patsubst %.bin,,$@)'
sehefixx RAW$@ $@ \ sehefixx RAW$@ $@ \
-verbose -overwrite -itype bin -otype bin -ss WHI \ -verbose -overwrite -itype bin -otype bin -ss WHI \
-sc $(patsubst white%.bin,%,$@) -si $(WHITEN) -sc $(patsubst white%.bin,%,$@) -si $(WHITE_N)
white%_100.bin: white%_100.bin:
/bin/rm -fv $(patsubst white%_100.bin,white%.bin,$@) /bin/rm -fv $(patsubst white%_100.bin,white%.bin,$@)
$(MAKE) $(patsubst white%_100.bin,white%.bin,$@) WHITEN=100 $(MAKE) $(patsubst white%_100.bin,white%.bin,$@) WHITE_N=100
/bin/mv -fv $(patsubst white%_100.bin,white%.bin,$@) $@ /bin/mv -fv $(patsubst white%_100.bin,white%.bin,$@) $@
white%_1000.bin: white%_1000.bin:
/bin/rm -fv $(patsubst white%_1000.bin,white%.bin,$@) /bin/rm -fv $(patsubst white%_1000.bin,white%.bin,$@)
$(MAKE) $(patsubst white%_1000.bin,white%.bin,$@) WHITEN=1000 $(MAKE) $(patsubst white%_1000.bin,white%.bin,$@) WHITE_N=1000
/bin/mv -fv $(patsubst white%_1000.bin,white%.bin,$@) $@ /bin/mv -fv $(patsubst white%_1000.bin,white%.bin,$@) $@
white%_10000.bin: white%_10000.bin:
/bin/rm -fv $(patsubst white%_10000.bin,white%.bin,$@) /bin/rm -fv $(patsubst white%_10000.bin,white%.bin,$@)
$(MAKE) $(patsubst white%_10000.bin,white%.bin,$@) WHITEN=10000 $(MAKE) $(patsubst white%_10000.bin,white%.bin,$@) WHITE_N=10000
/bin/mv -fv $(patsubst white%_10000.bin,white%.bin,$@) $@ /bin/mv -fv $(patsubst white%_10000.bin,white%.bin,$@) $@
WHITE_LOG=--log 20 WHITE_LOG=--log 20
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