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[WP] (whatscooking): add issues #10 and #11

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this is <issue10_lisousi_improve_program_documentation_and_usage_advice.txt>
lisousi: improve program documentation and usage advice
Each time I use the program after being absent for some time, I find all the
options to use non-intuitive and difficult to match with the three primary
approaches defined in the underlying paper. The usage documentation should be
improved respectively. Maybe the definition of command line argument patterns
for the three approaches would be helpful.
----- END OF issue10_lisousi_improve_program_documentation_and_usage_advice.txt -----
this is <issue11_cross_fix_scaling_and_time_window.txt>
cross: fix scaling and time window
src/ts/wf/ provides time series cross-correlation and convolution (as
an alternative). Two issues are to be solved:
- When used as an approximation to the correlation or convolution integral,
a proper scaling with sampling interval should take place.
- The definition of the output time window appears unmotivated.
----- END OF issue11_cross_fix_scaling_and_time_window.txt -----
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