Commit ed76923b authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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libtsxx [FIX]: make namespace reference explicit

parent 6b01101e
......@@ -46,11 +46,11 @@ namespace ts {
// SFF version
//! double precision data with SFF header
typedef TimeSeries<aff::Series<double>, sff::WID2> TDsfftimeseries;
typedef TimeSeries<aff::Series<double>, ::sff::WID2> TDsfftimeseries;
//! single precision data with SFF header
typedef TimeSeries<aff::Series<float>, sff::WID2> TSsfftimeseries;
typedef TimeSeries<aff::Series<float>, ::sff::WID2> TSsfftimeseries;
//! integer data with SFF header
typedef TimeSeries<aff::Series<int>, sff::WID2> TIsfftimeseries;
typedef TimeSeries<aff::Series<int>, ::sff::WID2> TIsfftimeseries;
} // namespace ts
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