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[DOC][TASK] (libseife): add deocumentation regarding array bounds

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this is <README>
SEIFE --- seismic waveform filters
For compilation instructions see README.1st in the root directory of the tar-ball or
For compilation instructions see README.1st in the root directory.
libseife is a collection of Fortran 77 functions and subroutines for time
series analysis and digital filters. It is a full-grown signal processing
......@@ -37,5 +34,15 @@ Dependencies
external dependencies: -
internal dependencies: -
Arrays in C version
The proper definition of arrays and parameters to be passed to the C-API of
libseife becomes obvious in function seife_first, which is defined in cseife.c
A call
seife_first(x, n);
will address elements x[0] to x[n-1] in C-array x.
----- END OF README -----
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