1. 27 Jun, 2016 2 commits
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      Revert "[WP][FIX][FEATURE] (libdatrwxx): mseed: activate modifier silent" · 74d2102f
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      This reverts commit 33845dc7.
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      [FIX] (libdatrwxx): fix reading incompletely filled records · 93620e98
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      Note 6 in the description of the Data Externsion Blockette [1001] specifies:
        Frame count is the number of 64 byte compressed data frames in the 4K record
        (maximum of 63). Note that the user may specify fewer than the maximum
        allowable frames in a 4K record to reduce latency
      see SEED V2.4 Manual, chapter 8, page 124
      A record not necessatily must be filled completely by time series data.
      This also applies to records without blockette 1001. The reading program must
      be prepared to skip unused bytes in the record. If it does not, it will fail
      to find the next Fixed Section of Data Header (48 bytes) as defined on page
      108 in chapter 8 of SEED V2.4 Manual.
      This fix:
      Make sure that the entire record is read before processing the next one.
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      [MERGE] (master|any2matlab) make any2matlab fit for routine deployment · cd43eac0
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      This commit resolved issue #17.
      Make any2matlab fit for routine binary deployment. Let Makefile check
      existence of a Matlab installation and install any2matlab only on hosts where
      a mex compiler is present.
      This resolves a problem resulting for users of a network binary installation
      of Seitosh which in parallel used an older version of any2matlab installed in
      their user space. This way two versions of libdatrwxx (and others) had to be
      present, which resulted in conflicts for binary executable like anyindex.
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      [FIX] (any2matlab): make conditional in Makefile robust · fe8b2109
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      Conditional was checking for failure with error number 1. Any other error
      numbers would have indicated success.
      The new test is not based on return status. This should be more robust.
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  7. 19 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      [FIX] (libtsxx): make offset variable taper robust · ce60ea64
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      Offset variable tapers are defined be picking times and offsets in a
      seismogram display. It is quite likely that some of these picks, in particular
      for near-source traces, are not within the time window of seismic sample data.
      In such cases the four-point taper complaines and aborts. The offset variable
      taper now ensures reasonable values to be passed to the four-point taper in
      any case, by applying lower and upper bounds to the time values.
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