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      [MERGE] (master|issue23) Merge branch '23-libdatrwxx-fails-with-edl-data' · 0d462617
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Solve two issues in the MiniSEED module of libdatrwxx:
      - do not complain about inconsistent frame count, if number of frames is just
        guessed (issue21)
      - read past unused data in each MiniSEED record (issue23)
      This way libdatrwxx and all tools based in the library (like any2matlab)
      should be prepared to properly read recent EarthDataLogger (EDL) files.
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      [FIX] (libdatrwxx): fix issue21 in fix of issue23 · 6389924d
      thomas.forbriger authored
      After having made clear that incompletely filled MiniSEED records are covered
      by the format specification, there is no reason to complain, if estimated
      number of frames (in cases where blockette 1001 is not present in the data)
      does not match actual number of frames. By deactivating this consistency check
      in the case where data files do not specify number of frames, we implicitely
      solve issue21.
      Issue21: When reading a MiniSEED data file with incompletely filled records,
      the user was confronted with a vast amount of (insignificant) warning
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      Revert "[WP][TASK] (libdatrwxx): mseed: provide new subformat silent" · 338296a4
      thomas.forbriger authored
      This reverts commit ecb2ebce.
      Subformat "silent" is not required, since incompletely filled MiniSEED records
      are considered to be in compliance with the data format specification.
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      Revert "[WP][FIX][FEATURE] (libdatrwxx): mseed: activate modifier silent" · 74d2102f
      thomas.forbriger authored
      This reverts commit 33845dc7.
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      [FIX] (libdatrwxx): fix reading incompletely filled records · 93620e98
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Note 6 in the description of the Data Externsion Blockette [1001] specifies:
        Frame count is the number of 64 byte compressed data frames in the 4K record
        (maximum of 63). Note that the user may specify fewer than the maximum
        allowable frames in a 4K record to reduce latency
      see SEED V2.4 Manual, chapter 8, page 124
      A record not necessatily must be filled completely by time series data.
      This also applies to records without blockette 1001. The reading program must
      be prepared to skip unused bytes in the record. If it does not, it will fail
      to find the next Fixed Section of Data Header (48 bytes) as defined on page
      108 in chapter 8 of SEED V2.4 Manual.
      This fix:
      Make sure that the entire record is read before processing the next one.
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