1. 28 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      [MERGE] (master|any2matlab) make any2matlab fit for routine deployment · cd43eac0
      thomas.forbriger authored
      This commit resolved issue #17.
      Make any2matlab fit for routine binary deployment. Let Makefile check
      existence of a Matlab installation and install any2matlab only on hosts where
      a mex compiler is present.
      This resolves a problem resulting for users of a network binary installation
      of Seitosh which in parallel used an older version of any2matlab installed in
      their user space. This way two versions of libdatrwxx (and others) had to be
      present, which resulted in conflicts for binary executable like anyindex.
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      [FIX] (any2matlab): make conditional in Makefile robust · fe8b2109
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Conditional was checking for failure with error number 1. Any other error
      numbers would have indicated success.
      The new test is not based on return status. This should be more robust.
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  8. 19 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      [FIX] (libtsxx): make offset variable taper robust · ce60ea64
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Offset variable tapers are defined be picking times and offsets in a
      seismogram display. It is quite likely that some of these picks, in particular
      for near-source traces, are not within the time window of seismic sample data.
      In such cases the four-point taper complaines and aborts. The offset variable
      taper now ensures reasonable values to be passed to the four-point taper in
      any case, by applying lower and upper bounds to the time values.
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