1. 27 Oct, 2015 2 commits
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      [TASK] (issue14): replace echo by printf · c8d0e510
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      Replace echo by printf at remaining locations, where echo is used with options
      (as could be located by git grep). Seitosh should now be clean with respect to
      shell usage.
      Citation from the POSIX manual for printf as a motivation for this set of
        The printf utility was added to provide functionality that has histori-
        cally been provided by echo. However, due to irreconcilable differences in
        the various versions of echo extant, the version has few special features,
        leaving those to this new printf utility, which is based on one in the Ninth
        Edition system.
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      [WP] (issue14): replace echo bei printf · 65921579
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      [WP] (issue14): lisousi/examples: replace echo by printf · 1faeca7f
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      On this branch issue14 will be resolved:
      do not rely on /bin/bash
      Parts of the project rely on /bin/bash being the standard shell and /bin/sh
      being a synonym for /bin/bash.
       *  This is the case in shell scripts, which use bash-specific commands and
       *  This is the case in Makefiles, which use constructs like 'echo -e' to
          format multiline string output.
      The problem can be solved by:
       *  replacing '#!/bin/sh' by '#!/bin/bash' in shell scripts
       *  replacing 'echo -e' by 'printf' in Makefiles
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