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      [WP] (issue14): lisousi/examples: replace echo by printf · 1faeca7f
      thomas.forbriger authored
      On this branch issue14 will be resolved:
      do not rely on /bin/bash
      Parts of the project rely on /bin/bash being the standard shell and /bin/sh
      being a synonym for /bin/bash.
       *  This is the case in shell scripts, which use bash-specific commands and
       *  This is the case in Makefiles, which use constructs like 'echo -e' to
          format multiline string output.
      The problem can be solved by:
       *  replacing '#!/bin/sh' by '#!/bin/bash' in shell scripts
       *  replacing 'echo -e' by 'printf' in Makefiles
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      [WP][DOC] (libstfinv): define output procedure for end-user information · f7ad366c
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      The output of end-user information must be organized within the library. The
      library will provide only two ways to access end-user usage information:
      1. A complete display of all summary usage texts.
      2. A selected detailed usage description for an operational engine selected by
         its ID together with detailed information for the general library and
         detailed description of the base classes, if there are any.
      Calls to output functions must pass execution in the appropriate order to
      select usage texts for output in a meaningful order.