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this is <README>
Example configuration files for csback
exclude patterns for
configuration file for user account csback
configuration file for user account sysop
configuration file for
Notes as copied from BFO configuration directory
Hinweise zur csback-Konfiguration für das BFO
Die Konfiguration wird ausführlich beschrieben unter:
Die hier abgelegten *.csbackrc Dateien sind die Grundlage für die
crontab-Dateien. Die Konvertierung erfolgt mit dem Befehl csback2cron. Konkret
auszuführen ist:
csback2cron -l '$HOME/bin/' -v -o -i csback.csbackrc csback.crontab
csback2cron -l '$HOME/bin/' -v -o -i sysop.csbackrc sysop.crontab
Die so erzeugten crontab-Dateien werden auch im SVN abgelegt (als Referenz).
Zu beachten ist, dass bei der Installation auf prinatubo noch Passwörter in
die crontab-Dateien eingetragen werden müssen.
Dazu wird die crontab-Datei mit dem Befehl
crontab csback.crontab
geladen und das Passwort nach Aufruf von
crontab -e
eingetragen. Das Passwort soll auf keinen Fall in die Kopie eingetragen
werden, die im SVN liegt.
Außerdem muss eine BFO2LSDF-Zeile in csback.crontab manuell eingetragen
00 20 * * * $HOME/bin/BFO2LSDF >/dev/null 2>&1
----- END OF README -----
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<!-- global definitions -->
<!-- start with seedlink stream definitions -->
<stream ID="XS">
<!-- <host>seis</host> -->
<stream ID="XG">
<!-- <host>gamma</host> -->
<stream ID="XM">
<!-- <host>magneton</host> -->
<stream ID="XE">
<!-- <host>epsilon</host> -->
<stream ID="XW">
<!-- <host>floh</host> -->
<stream ID="GR">
<!-- <host>bfo-grsn2</host> -->
# This is <sysop.csbackrc>
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# $Id: sysop.csbackrc 1022 2013-11-09 13:01:20Z damb $
# Configuration file for csback for BFO backup archive.
# 07/05/2012 V1.0 Daniel Armbruster (seedlink checksumfile generation
# configuration)
# 21/05/2012 V1.1 U-data (1/100 Hz) will be handled separately
# ============================================================================
# * Cause seedlink and slarchive are not providing the opportunity to
# dynamically change the group permissions for automatic generated archives,
# csbackgen must be executed by user sysop so that checksumfiles can be written
# into the corresponding directories in /data/BFO/seedlink/.
# * Checking the integrity and copying the data is performed by user csback on
# pinatubo.
# * U (1/100 Hz) data will be handled separately cause the file could be older
# than 24 hours but because mseed files were written blockwise it might occur
# that a seedlink-record hadn't been completed yet within these 24 hours.
# csbackgen would compute a checksum for this datafile even though the file
# will be modified afterwards.
keys = seedlink, seedlink_udata
# this entry is responsible for generating the checksumfiles for all seedlink
# stream files except for U-data streams (0.01 Hz)
cronexpr = 2 4 * * *
srcdir = /data/BFO/seedlink/
targetdir = /data/BFO/seedlink/
daystart= no
mtime = -1
hash = sha512
recursive = yes
logging = yes
# exclude U-data
exclude = .*\.U\w\w\.D\.\d\d\d\d\.[0-3][0-9][0-9]$
copy = no
test = no
# U-data seedlink streams are handled separately (see also comment above)
cronexpr = 43 6 * * *
srcdir = /data/BFO/seedlink/
targetdir = /data/BFO/seedlink/
daystart= no
mtime = -2
hash = sha512
recursive = yes
logging = yes
copy = no
test = no
# ------ END OF sysop.csbackrc ------
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