Commit 5bf1ae77 authored by Daniel Armbruster's avatar Daniel Armbruster Committed by thomas.forbriger
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sysloghandler in use now

This is a legacy commit from before 2015-05-18.
It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.

SVN Path:
SVN Revision: 4391
SVN UUID:     67feda4a-a26e-11df-9d6e-31afc202ad0c
parent f037fdde
......@@ -36,6 +36,15 @@
Module which is responsible for the csback logging mechanism.
Default configuration for the csback syslogHandler is:
address = (localhost, 3333)
host: localhost
port: 3333
Notice to configure your syslog appropriately.
import os
......@@ -64,7 +73,7 @@ class CsbackLog :
csfile.csfileLogInfo = CsbackLog.logInfo
csfile.csfileLoggerName = str(applicationName)+'.csfile'
def configure(self):
def configure(self, address=('localhost', 3333)):
Function to configure the csback logging mechanism. The only function which
has to be called once if logging to files is desired.
......@@ -78,13 +87,11 @@ class CsbackLog :
self.csbacklogger.debug("Created csback log directories.")
# add rotatedFileHandler to logger
filehandler = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(os.path.join( \
CsbackLog.logFileDir,CsbackLog.logFileName), maxBytes=1024*1024*3, \
sysloghandler = logging.handlers.SysLogHandler(address=address)
def addHandler(self, handler):
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