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[FIX] (issue1): close issue

The problem was not a deprecated option '-i' but the variable LOGGER not being

Issue is fixed with commit bb4b026b
parent db674c7b
this is <issue1_csclean.txt>
csclean: using deprecated option for logger command
Error messages when executing csclean:
/home/sysop/bin/csclean: line 155: -i: command not found
/home/sysop/bin/csclean: line 170: -i: command not found
csclean [XW]: ./seedlink.tmp/XW.sed/29.tmp -> ./seedlink.tmp/XW.sed/l29.slink/checksumfile.cs
/home/sysop/bin/csclean: line 188: -i: command not found
/home/sysop/bin/csclean: line 201: -i: command not found
csclean [XW]: ./seedlink.tmp/XW.sed/f29.sed -> ./seedlink.tmp/XW.sed/f29.sed.used
The respective lines contain calls to the logger command:
sysop@pinatubo:~/.csback> grep -n LOGGER /home/sysop/bin/csclean
115: ${LOGGER} -i -p "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Cleaning \
131: ${LOGGER} -i -p "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Number of \
133: ${LOGGER} -i -p "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Total number of \
155: ${LOGGER} -i -p "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Applying \
167: ${LOGGER} -i -p user.err "${LOGERROR} [${stream}] While streaming \
170: ${LOGGER} -i -p "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Streaming \
188: ${LOGGER} -i -p "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Replacing \
198: ${LOGGER} -i -p user.err "${LOGERROR} [${stream}] While replacing \
201: ${LOGGER} -i -p "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Checksumfile \
220: ${LOGGER} -i -p user.err "${LOGERROR} [${stream}] While renaming \
223: ${LOGGER} -i -p user.err "${LOGINFO} [${stream}] Sed command \
----- END OF issue1_csclean.txt -----
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