Commit e4f4baa2 authored by Daniel Armbruster's avatar Daniel Armbruster Committed by thomas.forbriger
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help text correction

This is a legacy commit from before 2015-05-18.
It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.

SVN Path:
SVN Revision: 4500
SVN UUID:     67feda4a-a26e-11df-9d6e-31afc202ad0c
parent 3e195be5
......@@ -111,9 +111,6 @@ def help():
SOURCEPATH Optional sourcepath for comparison with files backed up in
PATH. PATH and its subdirectories (if option '-R' had not
been selected) must contain the csback checksumfile(s).
Note that the directory structure (if option '-R' is not
set) bellow SOURCEPATH should be equal to those in PATH
because otherwise the files won't be found.
If SOURCEPATH is not passed a check of files located in
PATH with its checksumfiles will be performed.
PATH Path to perform check with its checksumfile(s). If option
......@@ -140,7 +137,7 @@ def main(argv=None):
"notrecursive", "debug", "followlinks", "tolerant", "logging", \
except getopt.GetoptError as err:
raise Usage(143,err.msg)
raise Usage(140,err.msg)
verbose = False
debugMode = False
notRecursive = False
......@@ -172,7 +169,7 @@ def main(argv=None):
elif opt in ("-L", "--lock"):
pidLock = True
raise Usage(175,"Unhandled option chosen.")
raise Usage(172,"Unhandled option chosen.")
if verbose or debugMode:
......@@ -189,7 +186,7 @@ def main(argv=None):
inputpath = str(args[1]).rstrip(os.sep)+os.sep
inputDirs = [inputpath]
raise Usage(192,"Invalid argument(s).")
raise Usage(189,"Invalid argument(s).")
# major part
logger.getLogger().debug("Collecting subdirectories ...")
......@@ -202,7 +199,7 @@ def main(argv=None):
csfile.getSubDirectories(inputpath, regexes, followlinks))
if len(sourceDirs) != len(inputDirs):
raise Error(205, \
raise Error(202, \
"Directory structure of inputpath and sourcepath different.")
paths = list(zip(inputDirs, sourceDirs))
......@@ -213,7 +210,7 @@ def main(argv=None):
"Check of files in '{0}' with checksumfile in '{1}'".format(path[1], \
if not csfile.hasCsFile(path[0]):
raise Error(216,"PATH does not contain a checksumfile.")
raise Error(213,"PATH does not contain a checksumfile.")
lock = pidlock.PidLocker(path[0])
checksumfile = csfile.CsFile(path[0], path[1], followlinks=followlinks)
if lock.lockValid():
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