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      Small package creation rule implemented. · 330a8dba
      Daniel Armbruster authored and thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger committed
      This is a legacy commit from before 2015-05-18.
      It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
      See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.
      First I wanted to use the package building Makefile of the TFSoftware repository
      but I noticed that for my application too many directories and README files
      were included so that a package would have become confusing. So I decided to
      implement my own small package creation rule based on
      source:tfsoftware/trunk/src/pakete/Makefile.packages .
      SVN Path:     http://gpitrsvn.gpi.uni-karlsruhe.de/repos/TFSoftware/trunk
      SVN Revision: 4410
      SVN UUID:     67feda4a-a26e-11df-9d6e-31afc202ad0c
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