Commit 3711b270 authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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calex [FIX]: let trical support UNIX path names

parent 8f135972
......@@ -126,6 +126,10 @@ c April 2015: start values of the normalized active parameters x were set to
c zero only for the first component, are now zeroed for all three components.
c (Thanks to Thomas Forbriger who noticed this normally inconsequential bug.)
c 19.10.2016: support UNIX path names for data files
c ----------------------------------------------------------------------
c use nas_system
c the 'use' statement is compiler specific, and not required for Linux
......@@ -134,7 +138,7 @@ c
c needs heap 40000 kBytes for ns=480000, 60000 for ns=800000
c DANGER: subroutines (in particular subroutine trans) rely on number of
c samples being set to 480000; is this value is changed here only,
c samples being set to 480000; if this value is changed here only,
c arrays will become mis-aligned!
c affected are:
......@@ -157,7 +161,7 @@ c 1597: parameter(ns=480000)
implicit double precision (a-h,o-z)
character endtxt*9, titel*72,name*3,typ*3,plop*12
character*50 eing,ausx,ausy,ausz
character*50 eing,ausx,ausy,ausz,pathname
character*5 einfile,ausf(3),synt(3),rest(3)
character*1 uvw(3),xyz(3)
dimension x(mpar)
......@@ -188,14 +192,18 @@ c read header line and file names
write(4,'(/,a,/)') titel
write(6,'(/,a,/)') titel
201 read(3,*) eing ! only filenames are read here !
if(eing(1:1).eq.' '.or.eing(1:1).eq.'') goto 201
222 read(3,*) ausx
if(ausx(1:1).eq.' '.or.ausx(1:1).eq.'') goto 222
223 read(3,*) ausy
if(ausy(1:1).eq.' '.or.ausy(1:1).eq.'') goto 223
224 read(3,*) ausz
if(ausz(1:1).eq.' '.or.ausz(1:1).eq.'') goto 224
201 read(3,'(a)') pathname ! only filenames are read here !
if(pathname(1:1).eq.' '.or.pathname(1:1).eq.'') goto 201
eing=pathname(1:index(pathname, ' ')-1)
222 read(3,'(a)') pathname
if(pathname(1:1).eq.' '.or.pathname(1:1).eq.'') goto 222
ausx=pathname(1:index(pathname, ' ')-1)
223 read(3,'(a)') pathname
if(pathname(1:1).eq.' '.or.pathname(1:1).eq.'') goto 223
ausy=pathname(1:index(pathname, ' ')-1)
224 read(3,'(a)') pathname
if(pathname(1:1).eq.' '.or.pathname(1:1).eq.'') goto 224
ausz=pathname(1:index(pathname, ' ')-1)
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