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calex [WP]: provide additional options and information

parent 35f140b8
......@@ -37,7 +37,9 @@ VERSION=2016-10-18
usage() {
cat >&2 << HERE
usage: [-v|--verbose] [-D|--debug] [-d|--device dev]
usage: [-v|--verbose] [--debug] [-d|--device dev]
[-D|--date date] [-u|--units units] [-b|--outbase basename]
[-i|--iterations n]
or: --help|-h
......@@ -55,10 +57,19 @@ Run calex with a given control file and produce a report on the results.
-D|--date date set date of seife data
-u|--units units set units of data samples
-b|--outbase basename set basename for output files
-d||--device dev select other output device than graphics screen
-i|--iterations n set the number of iterations to be reported in the
-d|--device dev select other output device than graphics screen
e.g. use '-d' to plot into Postscript
file ''
run 'stuplox -help' for a list of output devices
The shell script expects the following programs/scripts to be installed:
calex: calex binary
calexoutextract.awk: extracts a summary from the calex report file
stuploxx: plot program from Seitosh
a2ps: ASCII to Postscript converter/formatter
......@@ -72,8 +83,8 @@ usage
# read command line options
# -------------------------
TEMP=$(getopt -o vhd:D:u:b: --long \
help,verbose,device:,debug,date:,units:,outbase: \
TEMP=$(getopt -o vhd:D:u:b:i: --long \
help,verbose,device:,debug,date:,units:,outbase:,iterations: \
-n $(basename $0) -- "$@") || {
echo >&2
echo >&2 "ERROR: command line parameters are incorrect!"
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