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in CONTENTS-ls-lR.txt: 62160 12. Feb 2013 calex.f
in CONTENTS-ls-lR.txt: 46637 11. Jul 2012 calex10.f
Evaluates the electrical calibration of seismographs or filters from their
response to arbitrary input signals (which must have been recorded).
Identifies corner frequencies and damping coefficients where appropriate.
Reads data in SEIFE and ASL format. The program also determines the poles
and zeros of the transfer function.
in CONTENTS-ls-lR.txt: 44235 11. Jul 2012 qcalex.f
This version of CALEX includes quadratic and cubic nonlinearities
the 'sub' and 'til' parameters are replaced by '2nd' and '3rd'.
It, however, misses several features, which were implemented in calex.f
in CONTENTS-ls-lR.txt: 51437 22. Apr 22:32 trical.f
A combination of TRIAX and CALEX, performing a simultaneous calibration of
the XYZ output signals of a homogeneous-triaxial seismometer whose UVW
calibration coils receive identical stimuli. Although such an input
represents a vertical ground acceleration and a substantial output signal
appears only at the Z output, small residual signals also appear at the X
and Y outputs when the UVW sensors are not precisely equal. According to a
method introduced by Peter Davis of UCSD they can be used to determine all
transfer functions, both of the UVW sensors and the XYZ outputs, with the
same accuracy as if the three components were separately calibrated.
A utility program which is used during program compilation only. It provides
online usage information in the binary executable, which is taken from the
source code automatically during compilation.
This apparently is a former (discontinued) version of calex.f
In contrast to the current version, this version does not support the
poles-zeros notation and does not support zeros at non-zero frequency.
in CONTENTS-ls-lR.txt: 46637 11. Jul 2012 calex10.f
Shell scripts supporting the application
A shell script, which runs calex based on a given control parameter file and
subsequently produces a graphical display of signals as well as a summary
report of the iterative optimization.
An awk-script which extracts essential summary information from the textual
output of calex.
An awk-script which extracts numerical values of the iterative optimization
process as reported in the textual output of calex. It can be used to
display the convergence properties of the iterative process.
Example control files
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Program description and documentation
Exercise from the NMSOP (New Manual os Seismological Observatory Practice)
Exercise from the NMSOP (New Manual os Seismological Observatory Practice),
revised version.
Users manual for CALEX.
User instructions for TRICAL.
Toy examples
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