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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ EDITBASH=$(patsubst ./%,%,$(shell find . -name \*.sh))
EDITAWK=$(patsubst ./%,%,$(shell find . -name \*.awk))
EDITMAKE=$(patsubst ./%,%,$(shell find . -name Makefile)) \
$(filter-out %.bak,$(patsubst ./%,%,$(shell find . -name makefile\*)))
EDITREADME=$(patsubst ./%,%,$(shell find . -iname REA\*ME))
EDITREADME=$(patsubst ./%,%,$(shell find . -iname REA\*ME -o -name \*.md))
......@@ -16,16 +16,27 @@ Just run
make all
Further details for compilation and installation are given in
See [software/README](software/README) for current status if maintained
See [software/README](software/README) for current status of maintained
See [CHANGELOG](CHANGELOG) for recent modifications (bug fixes, new features,
Source code is provided on branch `vendor`.
In order to make software history transparent and to support future vendor
updates, the source code is organized in a hierarchy of repository branches.
The order of ancestry is `vendor` -> `unix` -> `master`, where `vendor` refers
to the most recent import from the
[vendor repository](
The most recent additions for Linux users are available on branch `master`.
A second line of ancestry, where branch names end on `-with-examples`,
provides the same contents but with toy examples and example data added.
### branches
#### published branches
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