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## Finite-Difference simulation with the HPC library LAMA
## Seismic Finite-Difference modelling
Master: [![build status](]( Develop: [![build status](](
*3D Acoustic Finite-Difference Code developed within the [WAVE-Project](*
*Seismic Finite-Difference modelling developed within the [WAVE-Project](*
Get started:
- See `` in `par/`
- Type `doxygen` in `doc/`
- Type `make` in `doc/`
- Library [LAMA]( (Development-Version)
- Compiler with C++11 support
- Framework [LAMA]( (Development-Version)
- Compiler with C++11 support recommended
Tested with:
- Compiler: g++ (4.9.3), clang++ (3.9)
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