Commit 909f8f1f authored by Alexander Sommer's avatar Alexander Sommer
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Merge branch 'competition_Errors' into 'development'

Competition errors

See merge request WS-17-18/assignment-tests!48
parents 765b3d55 d12afae9
......@@ -19,4 +19,13 @@ public class ErrorTests extends Assignment2TestBase {
void adminErrors() {
testWithIOFile(getDataFolderDirectory() + "error_tests/");
* This tests competition functionality
void competitionErrors() {
testWithIOFile(getDataFolderDirectory() + "error_tests/");
Trying to add negative number of medals
> add-admin vorname;nachname;tester;123123123
> login-admin tester;123123123
> add-olympic-sport eishockey;eishockey
> add-ioc-code 111;arg;argentinien;1920
> add-athlete 0001;max;mustermann;argentinien;eishockey;eishockey
> add-competition 0001;2002;canada;eishockey;eishockey;-1;0;0
Error, wrong number of medals
\ No newline at end of file
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