Commit ab0d2c6e authored by uhflp's avatar uhflp
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Revert "Update tests and TestBase"

This reverts commit 469dea15
parent 6e89f8f2
......@@ -445,9 +445,7 @@ public abstract class TestBase {
if (output.startsWith(errorPrefix)) {
return new TestPair(input, TestPair.Type.CHECK_FOR_ERROR);
} else {
String[] split = output.split(startsWithPostfix);
assert split.length >= 1 : "Check your .io file for the test. There is a line only containing ...";
String start = split[0];
String start = output.split(startsWithPostfix)[0];
return new TestPair(input, start, TestPair.Type.CHECK_STARTS_WITH);
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