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<h4>package test</h4>
The test helper classes.
<h4>package testExamples</h4>
<h4>package test_examples</h4>
Examples showing how to use the package test.
<h4>package programExamples</h4>
<h4>package program_examples</h4>
Contains programs needed for the test examples.
<h4>package finalAssignment1Tests</h4>
<h4>package final_assignment.task_1.tests</h4>
Contains **all** tests for the **"1. Abschlussaufgabe"**
<h4>package finalAssignment2Tests</h4>
<h4>package final_assignment.task_2.tests</h4>
Contains **all** tests for the **"2. Abschlussaufgabe"**
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