Commit ce874898 authored by Alexander's avatar Alexander
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Restore and improve default no-more-output message

parent 8e2c6fbd
......@@ -200,11 +200,19 @@ public abstract class TestBase {
for (TestPair testPair : testPairs) {"Testing " + testPair);
if (Terminal.OUT_TEST.isEmpty()) {
if (!Terminal.IN_TEST.isEmpty()) {
failAndLog("The program quitted too early\n"
+ "Please check that your program resets all static values!");
failAndLog("Found no more output. There is some serious issue!");
String output = popProgramOutput();
switch (testPair.getType()) {
if (output == null || !testPair.getOutput().equals(output)) {
if (!testPair.getOutput().equals(output)) {" Failed!\n");
assertEquals(testPair.getOutput(), output);
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