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Need to fix linker issue

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#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <assert.h>
#include <terraces/trees.hpp>
namespace terraces {
tree append_subtree(tree& t, index tree_index, index tree_node_ref, tree& subtree,
index subtree_index, index subtree_node_index) {
// TODO: Assert that every identifier is unique
// TODO: Optimize by using moves
auto out = t;
out.insert(out.end(), subtree.begin(), subtree.end());
/* TODO: Set references so that node tree_index and subtree_index poindex to
each other via references tree_node_ref and subtree_node_ref.
return out;
bool is_leaf(node n, index i) {
if (n.lchild() == i && n.rchild() == i) {
return true;
} else {
return false;
bool is_root(node n, index i) {
if (n.parent() == i) {
return true;
} else {
return false;
/* Appends the givtn subtree st to the given tree t. t's node with index t_index needs to be a leaf (rchild
and lchild pointing to itself). Afterwards, t's node at t_index will be the new parent of st's node at
void append_subtree(tree& t, name_map& t_nmap, index_map& t_imap, index t_index, std::string edge_reference,
tree& st, name_map& st_nmap, index_map& st_imap, index st_index) {
// CHECK: A tree node's ID is its index.
// CHECK: Can one species be found in both subtrees?
// DONE: Update index_map and name_map with the new subtree species indices.
// DONE: Update node references in the inserted subtree nodes.
// DONE: Link t and st!
// CHECK: Chan/Shall we clear st in the end?
/* DONE: Set references so that node tt_index an_index poindex to
each other via references edge_reference. */
// TODO: Assert whole tree structure in the end!
if (!is_leaf(t[t_index], t_index)) {
//FIXME: Throw exception!
if (!is_root(st[st_index], st_index)) {
//FIXME: Throw exception!
bool connect_via_left_edge = false;
bool connect_via_right_edge = false;
if ("left") == 0) {
connect_via_left_edge = true;
if ("right") == 0) {
connect_via_right_edge = true;
assert(connect_via_left_edge != connect_via_right_edge);
index index_difference = t.size();
index last_t_index = t.size();
t.reserve(t.size() + st.size());
t.insert(t.end(), st.begin(), st.end());
for (index i = last_t_index + 1; i < t.size(); i++) {
t[i].parent() += index_difference;
t[i].lchild() += index_difference;
t[i].rchild() += index_difference;
index corrected_subtree_root = st_index + index_difference;
if (edge_reference == "left") {
t[t_index].lchild() = corrected_subtree_root;
} else {
t[t_index].rchild() = corrected_subtree_root;
t[corrected_subtree_root].parent() = t_index;
for (auto& it: st_imap) {
it.second += index_difference;
t_imap.reserve(t_imap.size() + st_imap.size());
t_imap.insert(/*t_imap.end(),*/st_imap.begin(), st_imap.end());
t_nmap.reserve(t_nmap.size() + st_nmap.size());
t_nmap.insert(t_nmap.end(), st_nmap.begin(), st_nmap.end());
// Only there for testing!
for (auto& it: st_imap) {
std::string name = it.first;
index i = it.second;
assert(t_nmap[i].compare(name) == 0);
} // namespace terraces
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