Commit 0595f412 authored by Johannes Maul's avatar Johannes Maul
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correct labels for times in profiling

parent 241ddf7d
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ function [times] = reformatProfile(profile)
ProfileDesciptions = ["daten aus mex laden(mesh)" "daten aus mex laden(rest)" "outputprepare(primitives,distances)"...
"vulkanConstructor" "vulkan init" "prepareData(Transfer etc.)"...
"RaytracingCommand Execution" "Render des Raytracing (QueueSubmit)" "Datenzurückholen" ...
"vulkan abreisen" "output für mex(debug,profile)"];
"debugOutput" "vulkan abreisen"];
if size(profile, 2) ~= size(ProfileDesciptions,2)
disp("Es hat zu wenige Descriptions oder times");
disp("nDescr:" + size(ProfileDesciptions,2));
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