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......@@ -50,12 +50,12 @@ easyExample: small example with projection image as result. It shows the process
raytracingBuilder: build for raytracing functions and shader. If vulkan is installed and the files has same relativ position, the build works from alone and raytracingBuilderWrapper can be used.
- Input: cSourceFilesPath <br/>
cHeadersFilesPath <br/>
vulkanIncludePath <br/>
VulkanLibPath <br/>
shaderBuildPath <br/>
buildShader <br/>
- Input: cSourceFilesPath: new c source file path <br/>
cHeadersFilesPath: new c header file path<br/>
vulkanIncludePath: new vulkan include file path <br/>
VulkanLibPath: new vulkan lib file path <br/>
shaderBuildPath: new shader file path <br/>
buildShader: bool if shader should also compiled. 0 = no shader build, 1 = build shader <br/>
- Output: generated files in the expected folder <br/>
......@@ -64,3 +64,19 @@ raytracingBuilderWrapper: starts raytracingBuilder with default settings. If vul
- Input: none <br/>
- Output: generated files in the expected folder (equal to raytracingBuilder) <br/>
reformatProfile: reformats profile data from nv_ray_tracing_basic output and labels the time for better association
- Input: profile: profiling output from nv_ray_tracing_basic <br/>
- Output: times: labeled times in a 2xn array <br/>
printAll: helper function to visualize and proof mesh, detector and source position and all or a certain ray
-Input: nodes: equal to kernel nv_ray_tracing_basic<br/>
faces: equal to kernel nv_ray_tracing_basic<br/>
source: equal to kernel nv_ray_tracing_basic<br/>
detectors: equal to kernel nv_ray_tracing_basic<br/>
detectorId: id of a ray (from source to detectorId) if 0 or non value it plots every ray, to show the how the mesh gets hit by the rays.<br/>
Output: plots all inputs in one figure. One plot with detector, mesh, source and ray pops up
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