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# Table of contents
## Prerequisites
* MATLAB R2020b or later but may run on older MATLAB versions
* Vulkan SDK was used for Implementation, not other tested yet
* NVIDIA GPU with raytracing features (tested on RTX 2070)
* For own mesh creation, in this work was used
## How to use it
Run buildscript before usage. Look at "How to build it"
### nv_ray_tracing_basic
......@@ -128,3 +136,7 @@ printAll(nodes,faces,source,detectors, 14327)
- **detectorId**: id of a ray (from source to detectorId) if 0 or non value it plots every ray, to show the how the mesh gets hit by the rays. Id stands for linear index of detector.<br/>
Output: plots all inputs in one figure. One plot with detector, mesh, source and ray pops up
## Mesh structure
![Correct mesh structure.](./Data/Images/MeshStructure.svg)
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