Commit 56677947 authored by Gregor Olenik's avatar Gregor Olenik
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fix parameter file location

parent 11a4bef8
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ _run: &_run
- ls $FOAM_SRC
- cd $HOME/OBR
- python --solver $SOLVER --backend OF,GKO --executor Ref --preconditioner $PRECOND --field p,U --test-run --fail_on_error --report=report.csv --folder=Test --project_path /home/travis/OBR --parameters=/home/travis/OBR/airFoild2D.json
- python --solver $SOLVER --backend OF,GKO --executor Ref --preconditioner $PRECOND --field p,U --test-run --fail_on_error --report=report.csv --folder=Test --project_path /home/travis/OBR --parameters=/home/travis/OBR/airFoil2D.json
- mkdir -p $HOME/data
- cp report.csv $HOME/data/report.csv
- cat $HOME/data/report.csv
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