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corrected indices in solution05.tex

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......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ Consider an electricity market with two generator types, one with variable cost
The optimisation problem has objective function:
\max_{Q,Q_1,Q_2}\left[ U(Q) - C_1(Q_1) - C_2(Q_2) \right] = \max_{Q,Q_1,Q_2} \left[8000Q-5Q^2 - c_2Q_1 - c_2Q_2 \right]
\max_{Q,Q_1,Q_2}\left[ U(Q) - C_1(Q_1) - C_2(Q_2) \right] = \max_{Q,Q_1,Q_2} \left[8000Q-5Q^2 - c_1Q_1 - c_2Q_2 \right]
with constraints:
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