Commit 24cf931d authored by Joshua Bachmeier's avatar Joshua Bachmeier

bwidm: Use primary groups reg_info (a dict), not `Group`-object

Also remove obsolete and broken logging, "Groups according to FEUDAL", two lines below prints the
same information
parent 30e60843
......@@ -198,13 +198,7 @@ class User:
if supplementary_groups is not None:
current_groups = [grp for grp in reg_info['secondaryGroups']]
new_groups = [grp.reg_info(short=True) for grp in supplementary_groups]
new_groups += [self.primary_group]
for group in new_groups:
try:" new group: {}")
except AttributeError as e:
logger.error(F"Error displaying group name: {e} for {group}")
new_groups += [self.primary_group.reg_info()]
logger.debug("Groups according to BWIDM: {}".format([g['name'] for g in current_groups]))
logger.debug("Groups according to FEUDAL: {}".format([g['name'] for g in new_groups]))
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