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How do I register a FEUDAL client?
- Go into the admin at `/backend/admin` and login
- Navigate to `Home > Backend > Users`
- Click "ADD USER" in top righthand corner
- Specify a username and a password
- The username and password need to be specified in the clients own config, see [here](
- Click save
- Navigate to `Home > Backend > Sites`
- Click "ADD SITE" in top righthand corner
- For the client field select the client user you just created
- Specify a name, and optionally a description for the site
- Click save
Where are the logs?
- The logging depends on your configuration. Here are the default log locations:
- nginx logs to /var/log/nginx
- rabbitmq logs to /var/log/rabbitmq
- django logs to /home/feudal/logs (it creates multiple log files for different log levels)
- uwsgi logs to /home/feudal/logs/uwsgi.log
......@@ -21,12 +21,15 @@ Installation
- Please inspect the [example configuration](
- Configure your database in ~/.my.cnf
- Configure django in ~/config/
- Most configuration is done in ~/config
- Configure uwsgi using ~/config/uwsgi.ini
- Enable the uwsgi service using systemd
- systemctl --user --now enable uwsgi
- Django / UWSGI configuration is done in ~/config
- Configure django in ~/config/
- Configure uwsgi using ~/config/uwsgi.ini
- Enable the uwsgi service using systemd
- systemctl --user --now enable uwsgi
- Configure nginx in /etc/nginx/conf.d/feudal.conf
- Copy the dhparam.pem file to /etc/nginx/cert
- Enable nginx service using systemd
......@@ -36,3 +39,21 @@ Configuration
- rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_web_stomp rabbitmq_stomp rabbitmq_auth_backend_http
- Enable rabbitmq using systemd
- systemctl --now enable rabbitmq-server
Runtime Configuration
- For runtime configuration we use the django inbuilt admin interface.
- Default path of the django admin: `/backend/admin`
- The credentials for the admin were entered by you during the run of the `install` script
- Your OpenId Connect clients are configured in `Home > Backend > Oidc configs`
- The default redirect URI is: `/backend/auth/v1/callback`
- `scopes` is a list of strings (JSON)
- Users *and* FEUDAL Clients are managed in `Home > Backend > Users`
- You can manually add FEUDAL Clients
- You can specify admin users
- You need to configure the `sites`, which provide services to your users in `Home > Backend > Sites`
- Configure your RabbitMQ instance in `Home > Backend > Rabbit mq instances`
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